• Am I able to apply to the ENSIPP programme prior to registration?

    Yes! From the January 2022 Entry Point you are able to apply to ACE without having sat your State Exams or have your registration.
    Once applications close, ACE undertakes eligibility checks and moves eligible applicants immediately into the ongoing Enrolled Nurse National Talent Pool. 

  • Help! I can't seem to log on to my application even after resetting my password!

    Firstly, please check that you are on the correct website (en.acenz.net.nz)

    ACE has 3 recruitment processes; ACE RMO (Resident Medical Officers), ACE Registered Nursing and ACE Enrolled Nurse. ACE Registered Nursing (nursing.acenz.net.nz) and ACE Enrolled Nurse (en.acenz.net.nz) have similar addresses thus students may accidently create an account for the wrong process. If you have created an account for the wrong process please let us know asap as it could take up to 48 hours to delete your incorrect account. 

  • Do I need to include my state exam results in my application?

    No, the only academic results you need to attach in your application is your academic transcript from your tertiary institute. 

    However, if you fail your state final then please email us so that we can withdraw you from the entry point as you have not yet gained registration. If you resit the state exam and pass then you are welcome to reapply to the next entry point, provided you still meet all eligibity criteria. 

  0800 223 236